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Moving the mouse over the ribbon makes the deleted controls disappear.




Moving the mouse over the control should show the current ribbon text (or move the control to and from).




This is because the modules "basCallbacks" and "basGDIPlus" are not updated automatically. Follow these steps:


  1. Save the module "basRibbonCallbacks" in your database.
  2. Delete the module "basRibbonCallbacks" from your database.
  3. Save the module "basGDIPlus" in your database.
  4. Delete the module "basGDIPlus" from your database.
  5. Close your database.
  6. Open the RibbpnCreator 2016 and load the ribbon from your database.
  7. Ensure on the Tab "Finish" that you have checked
    • Copy "basRibbonCallbacks" to the database and
    • Copy "basGDIPlus" to the database
  8. On the tab "Finish" click the button "Update Access Database"




There can be various reasons.


1. RibbonCreator 2021 can only process XML files generated by RibbonCreator 2016/2021.

  • RibbonCreator 2021 uses pre-fixes to display controls.

      btn = Button
      tgb = ToggleButton
      lbl = Label
      cbx = Checkbox
      ddc = DropdownControl
      sep = Separator
      ebx = EditBox
      gbt = ButtonGroups
      mnu = Menu
      sbt = SplitButton
      gal = Gallery
      cmb = ComboBox
      dym = DynamicMenu

  • The "Tag" attribute is used to load information (user-defined pictures, defaults).
  • There are "<- Comments lines ->" used to finish controls / control groups which have to remain present.

2. Ribbon XML must be well-formed. (Try to open the file using Internet Explorer.)






1. The database in that you want to export must not start an autoexec macro.

2. Don’t open/save databases from mapped drives.

3. The database in that you want to export must not be secured by an ".mdw" access workgroup file.

4. The database in which should be exported must not be password protected.

5. The database in which should be exported must not have a start-up form.

6. In rare cases it may help to start the RibbonCreator with administrative rights (Context Menu --> "Run as ..." --> "The following user" --> Administrator)

7. If in additional to Access 2021 Access Runtime is installed:

   a) Uninstall Access Runtime.

   b) Install RibbonCreator 2021.

   c) Reinstall Access Runtime

8. If next to Access 2021 earlier Access versions are installed:

   It is recommended not to install earlier Office versions in addition to Access 2021 on the same machine.

   The best choice for development with Access 2021 is:

   a) Create a virtual machine e.g.:(Microsoft Virtual PC 2007)

   b) Install operating system (Windows)

   c) Install .Net 2.0 Framework (.net Framework download site)

   d) Install MS Office 2021.

   e) Update your virtual machine using Microsoft Update .

   f) Install Ribbon Creator 2021 and other required tools.

   Use the snapshot function provided by the VM to save the state between steps mentioned above




Uncheck under "Access Options / Client Settings / Advanced" - "Open last used database when Access starts"


We use for open the Database following Code in .Net:

   dbs = DBEngine.OpenDatabase(strFilename, False, False) 
Catch ex As Exception 
   MsgBox(My.Resources.Resource1.strAccessOpen,MsgBoxStyle.Critical, strAppName)
End Try 

This raise the Messagebox "The selected database is open..." if OpenDatabase failes.

Is no other database open, repair your Office / Access installation.




This is because over 4,000 images have to be loaded.
Tip: Set the control size to "normal" and only then click on "Select image". (The small pictures load faster.)

After the image is displayed in the control, set the size to "Large".


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